www.amazon.com/mytv- Learn how to register and activate a new device on amazon prime to watch movies and series using amazon mytv code from amazon.com/mytv.

What is Amazon My TV?

Amazon Prime through www.amazon.com/mytv is accessible to owners of streaming platforms and devices. With Amazon Prime you can stream unlimited movies and TV episodes on amazon prime video app. You can enjoy amazon prime video also on Fire TV, smart TV, streaming media player, game console, mobile phone or tablet.

How much Amazon Prime subscription costs?

There are more than 1000 videos available on Amazon Prime and you can search easy by category. If you want to enjoy the services of Amazon Prime, then you must first purchase the membership of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime membership is available at very cheap prices of $ 119 per year or $ 12.99 per month. And the best thing for you is that Amazon Prime gives you free subscription for 30 days and you can cancel it anytime.

How to activate Amazon Prime TV from Amazon.com/mytv?

Amazon Prime Videos is the biggest entertainment video portal in the world. To activate Amazon Prime on your TV follow the below steps:

  • Click on the app store of your smart TV app.
  • Now find the Amazon Prime app in your store and add it to your channel.
  • Open the Amazon Prime app after a successful adding to your channel box.
  • Check out the option of register on the Amazon website (www.amazon.com/mytv) and click on it.
  • As soon as you click on register a pop up will be displayed on your screen this is Amazon Prime Verification code which is generated now from your click.
  • Next, you have to copy this Amazon.com/mytv enter code on your notepad and now move towards amazon.com/mytv URL in your browser.
  • Now submit your details into your Amazon Prime account.
  • Paste the Amazon mytv code in the place which reads Amazon Prime verification code. The code that you have just copied on your notepad.
  • Now, at last, confirm the code and if it says correct click on registering device. You have completed all steps now Amazon Prime videos are ready on your TV.

You may be asked to choose the TV cable providers Network in some cases of activation of Amazon Prime on your TV. You have to simply scroll down in the list and sign into your account that will complete your Amazon mytv activation process.